When I see these “Changes” that companies make,
I realize they’re just putting whipped cream
and sprinkles on the same old garbage.

Instead of making it pretty, make it better.
Just Sayin’.

Alternate NSFW Version:

This was my original concept.
But I figured if this got posted/shared on someone’s fakebook, or
printed on an office wall, they might cause a controversy.
Apparently, some people find words offensive.
But here at Tom the Cameraman, we appreciate forks who can laugh,
especially at themselves or things that may be offensive. ( even to themselves.)
If the rest of the world could take a joke and laugh together,
we wouldn’t have half the problems we waste time dealing with.

Yeah that’s a preachy rant.
If you’re offended, Thanks for stopping by,
but there is a whole internet of stuff you may like better.
So let us unsavory, uncultured types enjoy a laugh.
Read further at your own risk.


Pretty funny, Right?
My mind works like that.
Don’t Judge Me.