I have no issue where people go to the bathroom.
I DO have an issue with the self appointed Potty Vigilantes,
who call people out for being in the “wrong” restroom.

Look, some dudes look a little feminine, and some chicks don’t do themselves up like a super models.
So when a case of mistaken identity comes up, the accuser is the A**hole.
Mind you our business, when doing your business.
Unless someone is saying “Hey, that’s a nice penis” or “I like how you shaved your clam”, while trying to grab your junk, there’s no real reason to worry about who’s doing #1 or #2 where.

At some point you have used a public bathroom with a criminal, pervert, or politician and didn’t know it, and your poop came out just fine.

Also please remember to wash your hands.
Especial if you’re making my cheeseburger.
Just Sayin’.